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Yippee! We have tomatoes

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For an additional $10,000, they’ll throw in the front page…

According to The DCeiver blog :

“For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off the record, non-confrontational access to ‘those powerful few’ — Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and the paper’s own reporters and editors’

This sad spectacle came to light when a lobbyist made it available to a reporter. The lobbyist didn’t think it was the right thing to do. Sweet Jesus, the day has come when lobbyists act honorably and newspapers don’t.

The sad thing, given the great fall in the traditions of newspaper ethics and media standards, I’m not surprised at all.

Wonder if they’ll give out nifty coffee cups and T-shirts too?

UPDATE: (So to speak) A sharp-eyed Twitter reader asked if this occurred last year. Yes, it did. Though DCeiver’s blog is dated June 2010,

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Somehow, The Message Got Garbled

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If this blog was a hospital patient, they’d be warming up the hearse.

'Get me 300 ccs of interest, STAT!'

‘Er, have you folks settled up the hospital bill?’


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This is funny and I should be laughing.

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The newspaper as limp iPad is just too apt.

I spent about 34 years in print journalism (Yes, I was 12 when I started) and rTemember too clearly a time when that was The News. It was how you started the day, a cup of coffee, a cigarette, the Daily Blat.  It’s still pretty much how my day begins now – except for the cigarette. The newspaper is skinnier and contains much more truncated wire copy.

My kids, 25 and 20, don’t read the newspaper. The older, living in Houston, has never subscribed. And has no interest. What news he absorbs, he does online. The younger son reads books and ploughs through websites all night long. They both feel they stay informed on key issues of the day. Talking with them, I can’t argue.

The Internet didn’t kill the newspaper. It abetted, though. Newspapers’ wounds were self-inflicted. Let’s not bother to cover that ground again, the chase for profits, the fat and lazy complacency of being the only show in town, the panic over ‘the Web’ answered by shoveling money into poorly staffed and worse designed ‘digital departments.’  When the major media stopped giving people the news, people began finding it themselves. So it goes.


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We have Darwinian tomatoes

First tomatoes of the summer

After the sudden rain and 60 mph winds last week, our tomatoes survived.  Hell, they thrived.  Now if they can just get through the heat, the bugs and my black thumb, we’ll have a bumper crop this summer.  These are, BTW, heirloom tomatoes, a variety we’ve never grown before. Looks like they’ll  be monsters.

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O’Malley the Critic

The cat shows utter contempt for my creative impulse.


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