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‘Soldier’s Joy’ Now Available As E-book. Yippee

It’s done. I’ve published the novel through Amazon’s Digital Text Platform and it’s available for Kindle and other platforms.

You can go directly via this link. On the same page you can download a free Kindle reader for either Mac or PC to read sample chapters.

Let me know what you think.

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Maybe You Can Tell A Book By Its Cover

And here it is. As soon as I make one last run-through edit and get it all downloaded, my novel will be available through Amazon’s digital book. More details as I know them.

I’m thrilled by this design by Antonio Rodriguez, a gifted young designer. It conveys that sense of wary uncertainty of the main characters as they journey home to Texas  in the dying days of the Civil War.  For a  better peek at the novel, you can read a sample chapter and learn more of the story.


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