I am David McLemore, once a reporter for the Dallas Morning News (more about that, later.) I am now enjoying the joys of unemployment by screwing up home repairs and annoying my wife and sons. Now I can apply myself globally. Look out world, here I come!

The Army brought me to San Antonio, the one good thing that came from that experience. There is much to love about this city and much to mock.  It may very well  be the largest small-town in the nation. It is also a loving city, filled with generous, caring souls. The homicide rate is climbing too. We’ll touch on many things while we’re here. We may even remember the Alamo.

Think of this blog as a shambling, dusty old junk store, filled with over-flowing bins from floor to ceiling. Take your time, poke around and you may find treasure.

Mostly, though, it’s junk.

Revised: March 28, 2010 because the original made  no sense at all. Life should have an edit button.

12 responses to “About

  1. Janice

    Yo Dave. Good to see you blogging. Snowing in Illinois. Bob’s playing his guitar. Nice. JC

    • Woo-Hoo! My first comment.

      Yo Janice. Glad you found the place. I decided this Internet stuff would last.

      Snow in Chicago. Fifty-five degrees and sunny in S.A. We’re heading out for Korean food.

      More later.

  2. What a great blog! It makes me homesick.

    • Why, thank you. Boy, do I value your opinion.

      Now…tell your friends. Tell other misplaced San Antonio folk & wandering Texans. Let’s boost readership to 10 @ day!

  3. Nice blog, Dave, especially the piece on old news posters from The News. More!

    • Jim, what a surprise. Hope you are well.

      Just for you, I’ll soon explore Newspapering, Old School. Or,when the inmates ran the asylum.

      • Dave,
        A starter list:
        -Fired copy clerk lives in SAEN building for weeks, then joins carnival
        -Express sports staff does fake box scores, Light picks them up unchanged–for years
        -Stealing first editions from each others’ pressrooms
        -Dueling liars at dueling papers (“What do you need the quote to say?”)
        -News artist screws up Fiesta downtown map. Express fires her. Light grabs her. She screws up Light’s Fiesta map, too.
        -Management bugs copy desk
        -Tearful teacher: How do I teach 10-finger typing to people with 8 fingers?
        -Photog felled by hit & run, by airplane
        & etc.
        Bet you’ve got more than these, too.

  4. Grizzleddog

    So, in a fit of nostalgia for San Antonio, given the balmy 29 degree weather today, started searching for sites as offbeat as SA itself. Imagine my joy at running across this wealth of info and your blogs. This is great and most enjoyable reading. Thanks for the reminders of a great town and great people. Quirky as hell, but great.

  5. dale

    Greetings David,

    I’m a displaced Texan residing in Central Florida. I found your blog via your twitter account, through a retweet by Taxtweet. A long way around, but I’m glad I followed through. I grew up in SA, have been gone since 1976 and miss it quite a bit.

    I was shocked when I visited in 2005 for a high school reunion and found the Central Park Mall missing… also the Blanco Road exit off of 410…. I guess that’s called progress.

    I breezed through a few posts and liked them a lot. I’ll be back to view more.



    • You wouldn’t recognize downtown. Joske’s is gone and much of the corridors along Commerce and Houston downtown have been turned into a entertainment/restaurant/tourist shop zone. Not bad. Just different.

      Glad you liked the blog. I’m a little slow and inconsistent in putting up new stuff – but for what I pay myself it’s the best I can do.

      Come back often.

  6. lifeonespoonfulatatime

    Good Morning David,

    I did poke around in this junk store and believe there are many treasures to be found. San Antonio is a strange little-big place indeed and I look forward to following the treasures along with you.


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