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Could We Just Shut Up and Vote?

Let’s keep this simple. Any decision to not vote for a Democrat because you’re pissed that everything hasn’t been perfect under Obama is a vote to bring back the GOP and the Bush Days. `Do you really want that?

Yes, you can be mad you didn’t get Public Option health care or Dick Cheney hauled into federal court. Fine. ┬áSure, trillion dollars of debt is scary – but not as awful as a complete collapse of our fiscal and economic structures due to the spend and borrow mentality of a GOP Congress & Bush II.

We have public health care reform. Did you hear that – the USoA has public health care reform? And we have the very start of an economic recovery that will NOT happen of the GOP comes back into power. We have change. And I’m tired of debating with my own team whether change has been enough, come fast enough or is good enough.

Let’s vote and move on.


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