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The Voice of the Blog Reader Is Heard Throughout the Land.

My last post was one of my infrequent stabs at being politically relevant. It was a mild shot at Romney – OK, a little more than mild – accompanied by a photo of a gun held to a dog’s head. And you could hear crickets out there in Blog Land.

A quick scan of what my dozen or so readers like shows that cats, Civil War battlefields, dogs, and my weird life in journalism are the big hits. Politics, not so much.

OK. Expect more cats, dogs and the joys of laboring in Rupert Murdoch’s vineyard. That’s a metaphor. Maybe I’ll throw in some more battlefields. We’ll see.


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Return of Cat Post: I Have No Shame

I know, I know. How pathetic to post cat photos in order to generate blog hits. But the cat wasn’t harmed. Just a little irritated at having his nap disturbed. And my self-esteem will be greatly enhanced if you just click this post over and over again. ┬áNext time, it will be the dogs. And they’re adorable.


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The Definition of Pathetic: Blogging About Crab Grass.

It was done in a pathetic attempt to get attention.

I forgot the Prime Directive: Nobody blogs about crab grass.

Mea maxima culpa, y’all.

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